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Containers Practical and Decorative Garden Hose Containers

Wednesday Dec 8, 2010

Those of us who are more organized and truly respect the investment we make on gardening equipment will pay attention to the upkeep of the gadgets as well. The hose for instance that remains in essential appliance for watering gardens will look better in a garden hose container after it’s been used.

A garden hose container placed outdoors is great to store the hose between regular uses. Depending on the length of the hose you will need a container that will hold the hose appropriately. Keeping the hose in its container will keep it from lying around and appear better organized when not in use.

Garden hose containers take away the cluttered look from yards and gardens. You decidedly feel uncomfortable to see a hose lying around unattended. Worse, it may even cause accidents or injury if someone were to trip over it. So if the sight of a length of tube or even a hose reel lying around is irksome to you, consider the use of a garden hose container.

Apart from being decorative they do help with functional storage of garden hoses. Garden hose containers can be an attractive item in themselves, looking every bit more classy and ornamental adding to the décor of your exteriors. They come in wood, plastic, metal and earthenware or ceramic construction, having a storage base and removable lid, which may even be having a lock.

Coming in a range of designs, garden hose containers may be available in different prices depending on construction and size. If they are built sturdy you can be sure they will last long. You may not have to replace them each year. But if you like your décor to keep changing, perhaps with the seasons, then go for less expensive units.

One thing is for sure, hoses get a better shelf life when placed properly in garden hose containers. Keeping them away from the elements shelters them and also prevents from people tripping over them. Also in the long run, the hose will remain in good condition and shape. It is a great option especially when you want your garden looking neat.

Offering a viable solution for safe keeping of the hose after use, a garden hose container is your best bet for orderly looking exteriors. Offering a practical answer its functionality is enhanced when it works well enough as a decorative garden fixture as well.

In fact some attractive garden hose storage containers come looking like flower pots or wide rimmed vases. With holes at the bottom for the hose-end to pass through, the rest of the hose may lie neatly coiled inside. The equipment does enhance the looks of yards and gardens to make them seem well kept as well.

So just in case you may be wondering where to store your 50 or 100 foot hose then look out for a decorative hose container pot for storage of your garden hose. These pots are readily available in a variety of materials ranging from copper to weather resistant fiberglass. Decorative stonework or terra cotta hose pots add a classy look.

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