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Coiled Garden Hoses Suitable for Terraces, Patios and Verandahs

Wednesday Dec 8, 2010

I would never have imagined a garden hose would have me all in tangles. For I do not consider them all that interesting to worry about, when purchasing one. What I normally would have done was to look for the cheapest one I could find anywhere close by. But the coiled garden hose I saw at my neighbor’s patio definitely attracted my attention.

Remembering my mother’s adage you get what you pay for, I decided to actually find out all about coiled garden hoses and be prepared to spend a little more to go for this neat little contraption. I did notice that the coiled hose required a smaller space to move it around.

Looking much like the older phones that used coiled cables, coiled garden hoses could be likewise stretched while using them and when done would automatically spring back into their normal coiled shape. They are really best put to effective use in small areas like balconies, smaller gardens and porches.

Coiled garden hoses with their inherent spring like design allow them to automatically coil up after every use. Since they form a compact coil they become space-saving alternatives to longer lengths of garden hoses. They are quite nice to use and you do not have to bother about winding or unwinding them.
When going about selecting the coiled garden hose I was advised to pay attention to things like hose length, material, burst pressure and durability before I actually bought one. And so I took the task really seriously by comparing the inner diameter of several hoses at the local hardware shop catering to gardening equipment.

I was told the diameter of most coiled hoses tends to be smaller than those of average garden hoses. One needed to select a make that offered a larger breadth and that at least 3/8 inches would be a good option. Coiled hoses that measure 1/4 inch or are smaller may be good only for misting and may not accommodate spraying attachments.

Length of the hose needs to be ascertained and you need to measure the distance between the faucet up to the point where you need to use the hose. You should also check the length of the straight ends of these hoses that are straight tail-ends, varying from a few inches to a few feet. You have to certainly examine the durability of the coiled garden hose and it’s the UV-resistant ether-based polyurethane that is the most durable material for coiled hoses.

Finally, it’s the burst pressure for the hose that is all too important to make you feel comfortable with your watering tasks. Burst pressure tells you how much water pressure the hose can withstand before it splits or bursts. Normally this needs to be of 500 psi to meet regular watering needs. And so it was that after all due care like examining the fittings too, I went in for a quality coiled garden hose. Mine has brass fittings and metal kink guards at either end. Well thought I if I had to splurge, water in this case, then I better splurge with the best I could afford.

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